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The New X-Rated Film for Coco de Mer

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post by Lobster & Lace on: 19th May 2015 Save to gallery

London based erotic lingerie and accessories boutique Coco de Mer wants to free our sexual imagination by releasing a film called ‘X’.

True to the luxury brand’s philosophy around exploration and excitement, it’s an exhilarating montage of beautiful, exotic, lusty, arty and frankly bizarre layers of fast paced images and film.

Packed with an adrenalin fix not dissimilar to a clever blockbuster horror trailer, the voyeurs’ anticipation is heightened by a simple message of flashing words: “THEY SAY YOU THINK ABOUT SEX EVERY SIX SECONDS” and ending with: “SEX. WE CAN HELP YOU THINK ABOUT SEX MORE.” We’re not sure how flashing images of owls, lizards and the lonesome Grim Reaper can help tickle our desires but you can’t knock the conjuring curiosity.


A film to help you think more about sex

A film to help you think more about sex


The film’s concept was created by British advertising veteran, Walter Campbell of TBWA London and was shot by a flurry of directors including acclaimed fashion photographer Rankin, along with Vicky Lawton, Trisha Ward, and David Allain via production company Rankin Film.

In a statement, Rankin says: “What I loved about the concept was how it visualised the way in which we absorb information nowadays. It examines our appetite for visceral and engaging imagery, reflecting how we consume as quickly as a click.”

“The film is pushing the boundaries of what films can do. It’s not about selling, it’s about you being part of an experience,” says Rankin.


Like the real thing, the experience is intense, messy and yes sometimes there are moments of horror, pain and pure pleasure. It’s a bad ass peep at what Fifty Shades of Grey could be.


Featured products we like include the cheeky Coco de Mer ‘Alethea’ Knickers £120, the ‘Sylph’ Half Cup Bra £80 and the very naughty ‘Sylph’ Ouvert Knickers £60


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