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‘Sex By Numbers’ – Study of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle in Britain

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post by Lobster & Lace on: 30th March 2015 Save to gallery


As we become more connected to the world around us are we becoming less connected to those most important in our lives?

The last study carried out by the Office of National Statistics in Britain rather bleakly predicted that 42% of marriages will end in divorce. Now new evidence highlighted by Professor David Spiegelhalter at Cambridge University reveals we are having less sex than 20 years ago. The way we’re heading, by 2040 “the average person may not be having any sex at all”. (An unlikely thought but we get the point). 

Are we really becoming a nation where our relationship with social media and technology is taking precedence over real human tenderness? The future of long-lasting, meaningful relationships and the impact this has on society is in our very own bare hands to make a difference. Set yourself a media blackout every evening and take the time to reconnect with each other.



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