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Romeo & Juliet at The Garrick

post by Caroline on: 10th June 2016 Save to gallery

After three months surviving a new baby and a terrifying toddler, a trip to see the latest West End theatre production of Romeo & Juliet was just the ticket.

I’d been dropping hints to go and see Lily James and Richard Madden rekindle their Cinderella romance in Kenneth Branagh’s production of Romeo & Juliet. My husband is more into Saracens than Shakespeare but both promise blood, sweat and tears and I’m thrilled he’s taking me.

The Garrick is a small, hot theatre in June and it’s a full house. Our seats still come with those dreaded little red binoculars and I’m so short I can hardly see the stage but who cares, we are out together, I’m in heals and I’m not covered in banana and milky sick.

I love this story and I’m loving this sexy, 1950s ‘la dolce vita’ style production. It’s a simple and stylish set with a fantastic cast but unlike the happy fairy tale ending in Cinderella, we all know how this story of forbidden love tragically ends. Alas, my husband slept through most of the second act (something that would never ever happen if we were at the Rugby). I don’t let this ruin our evening of romance and culture and instead I put this behaviour down to weeks of sleep deprivation since the birth of our son.

Dates like this become even more special when you become a parent and by the last stroke of midnight we will be turned into frazzled parents once again. Sigh “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.


Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo & Juliet playing now at The Garrick Theatre until 13th August 2016

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